Friday, January 28, 2011

Can Raw Food Cure Your Yeast Problems?

I'm going to let you in on a secret that can not only cure your yeast problems; it may actually cure a lot of other problems that you are experiencing.  What I'm talking about is switching over to a raw food diet or becoming as raw as you possibly can.  Here are a few tips on how this can help you to be able to overcome your yeast infection and how you can begin implementing it in your life without too much difficulty.

First of all, you should know that it is not going to be easy for you to switch over to this type of a diet, especially if you have been eating regular food for a long period of time.  Many of us, however, who are frustrated over recurring yeast infections, would be willing to try anything in order to overcome them.  Switching over to a raw food diet has more to do with adding food into your daily diet than it does with taking it away.  Instead of doing everything at one time, begin adding some raw food into each and every meal and you will soon find that it is crowding out the bad foods that you are eating.

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The reason why raw food is so good for yeast infections is because it helps to bring our body back into a natural balance that it is probably missing.  After all, most yeast infections occur as a result of a lack of good bacteria in our body.  Raw food will help your body to be healthy from the inside out and it will naturally be able to fight these yeast infections, each time one starts to occur.  It will also help us to be balanced as far as our pH is concerned and if we are in a healthy, alkaline state then yeast infections will not be able to grow.

It is going to take some determination on your part in order to switch over to this type of diet.  You may not be able to go 100% raw and that is fine, as long as you are eating the majority of your food in a raw state.  There are also some cooked foods which are alkaline in nature and if you must eat something that is cooked, make sure that it is one of these types of foods.  Once you begin to see your yeast infections disappear, it will make any effort that you have to put into it well worth your while.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Natural Cure For Yeast Infection Review

Rated #3: Sarah Summers Yeast Infection Treatment

Sarah Summers developed this product for chronic yeast and candida infection sufferers. We gave it a overall ranking of 7 out of 10 on our point system. Here are our findings on this product:


  • Product is made from all natural ingredients therefore eliminating most side effects.

  • Can be used on men women and children.  

  • Company offers a 100% money back guarantee no matter what.

  • It is a down loadable ebook so you receive the product instantly.

  • Provides a members only website with free photographs and information.

  • Rewards you with 2 free bonus ebooks once you download the main program.


  • 1 out of 4 subjects who discontinued using the product had a recurrence of their infection.

  • Product is for mild infections and may not be strong enough for moderate to severe infections.

Basic Facts:

  • Ranks at # 3 on our treatment rating system

  • Cost of program is $29.97

  • 3 out of 4 subjects were satisfied with the results they achieved 

  • Product consist of homemade and over the counter ingredients.

  • Based on test results, product took 3 to 6 days to be effective. 


While diet and other issues may be required to eventually rid you of your infection, we believe this product is recommended for mild to moderate candida and yeast infections. Author Sarah Summer wrote this ebook to introduce the use of natural ingredients therefore eliminating harsh products used in other treatments used today. She also helps the cause by keeping the price of this product low so it is affordable to anyone needing this information.

For more information, please visit the website today.  Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

Rankings For New Yeast Infection Products

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How To Diagnose A Yeast Infection

Knowing what you have is always part of the battle. In case of medical conditions it is highly important to get the right diagnosis to get receive the proper treatments. In some cases, a wrong assessment of a condition or illness will result to more complications and can even lead to death. The same is true with diagnosing yeast infection. More often than not, people will not consult their doctors because they believe that what they have read on the internet suffice to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition that they have. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Yeast infection has been one of the more common infections that are often misdiagnosed. Thinking that what they have is yeast infection, women will often buy and apply various treatments in their attempt to cure a condition that they do not have in the first place. So instead of being cured of a simple condition, these women will end up with a more complicated condition requiring full treatment procedures. They will then have to spend twice the time and twice the money for their treatment. It's totally a waste.

Why does this keep happening? There are a number of reasons really but one of them is the fact that we think we"re better than the doctors we come to for help. Some of us think that we are paying these doctors too much for simple diagnosis that we can do ourselves. Or we think we are paying too much for the medicine that they prescribe.

Other times we find our selves in a position as experts in a filed few, if there's one at all, of us really know about. Just because we have experienced having an itch or infection once or twice we think that we already know everything, from causes to treatments. When faced with an itching predicament, first thing you should do is wash the area with soap and warm water. This way you can eliminate some of the other causes of itchiness in the affected area.

Now in terms of cleaning the affected region, one should avoid using various products like douches and hygiene washes since these can easily irritate more the vaginal area. Also, keep in mind that antibiotics can aggravate yeast infection so it is recommended that one should not take any antibiotic pills when one has yeast infection. In fact, even taking a single antibiotic pill can worsen the infection.

Also, it is best not to panic in situations that you think you have yeast infection. Sometimes the whitish discharge is just part of your menstrual cycle. The same goes with pain and discomfort. However, if you are feeling pain that seems to quite unusual, then consulting your doctor would be the best action you should take.

Recurring infections should also be looked at by your doctor. If despite several medications, the infection keeps coming back bringing with it the other symptoms of the condition, then checking with your doctor is an absolute necessity. There may be some underlying conditions behind which you failed to notice or failed to consider.

Diagnosing yeast infection should not be done by amateurs like you and me. Getting a right diagnosis is imperative to have a treatment schedule that would efficiently help you solve your existing problems.